Why Palmyra

Building solutions for commodity sectors in emerging markets

Our story....why did we launch Palmyra?

zenGate Global, the company behind the Palmyra Platform was founded in 2022 with the key mission to bring financial inclusion for businesses through building paradigm shifting solutions.
From our travels and conducting business in emerging markets, we found that many of the businesses in these regions struggled to keep up with the digital transformation process. Ultimately, it has marginalized their role within the global value chain and eroded their share of the profit pool. As a result, we noticed that many of these businesses were actively seeking the tools and the opportunities to enhance their global edge.
Our goal from the start was to address these opportunities, and empower these businesses...hand in hand on the ground.
Through Palmyra, we believe we can add value to existing commodity markets by building innovative infrastructure to provide access and connectivity between stakeholders across global supply chains. This includes micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) transacting among themselves, to large regulatory and trade bodies creating market frameworks.
There is a tremendous opportunity to build these tools and help businesses leapfrog, instead of simply catching up.

Why should my business use Palmyra?

Palmyra users have the opportunity to tap into a number of cost saving and value creation opportunities, all while future-proofing your business. Some the opportunities for our users include:
  • Increased global market access & direct sales and sourcing opportunities
  • Cheaper logistic costs and increased conversion rates
  • Improved real-time orders reporting and data analytics capabilities
  • Embedded traceability of the commodity (from harvest to payment) – shareable with your customers
  • Embedded certifications and credentials - view buyer quality assurance and awards all in one-place
You can learn more about the value proposition for buyers and users here.

Which markets can you source from?

Currently, we are working hand in hand with tea producers in Sri Lanka. In the future, we look to onboard new commodities from in Sri Lanka as well as expanding into new jurisdictions.